Monday, March 31, 2008

The morning visitor..Part 2 (Not for scarey cats)

It seems like the terror of Mr Slimy is not over yet. Yesterday morning, ya get that right! It's morning this time and not at night. Those slimes are just getting bolder! Found a tiny one hiding under my bag on the table! Little slimy was quick as lightning and decided to hide underneath the my scraggy.
This time round I was more alert and fast unlike the 1st time round. I quickly shoo the little rascals to the kitchen and close the sliding door before they got a sniff of what's happening. Won't be needing the extra help from them...
As usual shouting for Mr Lim to come get rid of it... He came this time looking irritated..
Where? was all he said.
I pointed to my scraggy with him poking gingerly at it.
Sensing the slightest movement, our young and diligent little slimy crawled out of its hiding place it clear view.

Our Mr Lim then decide to adopt the same method of disposal as the previous time - the thick mound of toilet papers! Hey dude, do u actually think this is like the tail.. this thing is so slimy its gonna slip out from your toilet paper onto god knows where before you have the chance to dispose it. Lucky I got a better solution. I quickly find an available plastic bag which happens to be a zip lock bag and swiftly trapped little slimy inside... Mr Lim look at me remarkably.. commenting me on my good idea...

Hmm, we were wondering if Mr/Ms slimy and little slimy were related to one another? I think I can hear disgusted eeewww from some. Despite all, Little rascals was unaware of what's happening... Silly them standing behind the sliding door wondering what's the hassle...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The late night visitor (not for the faint-hearted )

Yesterday night was an animal night as well as live show.. Lala for the 1st time got fascinated with what Mr Lim and I were watching on the TV. Arts central was showing a documentary on the marine life.

Lala transfixed by what's on the TV

Woo.. bird bird

Lala: Don't fly bird bird... Let me climb up and take a closer look..Im gonna catch you..

In fact Lala got so fixed onto the baby turtle she decided she to get a closer look by climbing up the table. Orange of course got the best spot.. on the coffee table directly in front the TV with the best view.

Mummy, can we subscribe to animal channel... its educational you know... I love it just brings out the wild side of me...

After watching documentary on TV. Orange had an encounter of his own later on in the night. I walked into the living and saw a slimy late night visitor squiggle in from the dining area window. Orange saw it before I can have time to react. He was prowling on Mr slimy and what happened next is really in fast motion with me screaming hysterically for Mr Lim: "Hurry up come hurry up come!! Orange gonna eat Mr slimy don't let him do that stop him..." And at the time trying to get close to Orange yet repelled to do so. And of course Orange by this time already got hold of Mr slimy and had him in his mouth ready to "play" with his lucky late night supper first!! Our hero Mr Lim enters the scene: Holding the spray water bottle in his hand and looking slightly disgusted, he aimed the water spray at Orange hoping he won't eat Mr slimy. Surprised by the jet of cool water on him, Orange didn't seem to understand why we were punishing him. He thinks he's just doing us a favour... oh plz.. The cool water actually scared him into letting loose on his deathly grip on Mr slimy and Mr slimy dropped onto the floor. Without further ado.. Mr slimy made his escape from where he came in from.. and to my dismay I noticed he looked abit shorter..

Now I know why he seems shorter on his way to escapism. He left a part of him behind and a tiny spot of blood. (water on the floor due to the water spray). Guess I won't need to tell you who Mr slimy is. You can tell from this fat long tail he or she is probably a full grown one.. Anyway to disgust you even further, it was still wiggling while I took a clear shot of it. Too bad I couldn't take a picture of Mr slimy while he was escaping... Like I said it all happened too fast. Ya I know somebody will get really squeamish about this.. Probably won't be thinking of going near Orange for a quite some time...

Mr Lim and I looked at the tail still wiggling about. I stared at Mr Lim with my "U've gotta get rid of it" look. Well, a man gotta act like a man and being the only male species (can't count Orange in it though I know he's all paws up to help us get rid of it) he wrapped the tail in thick layers of tissue and discard it. (Mr Lim actually wanted to flashed it down the toilet which I strongly disagree... I mean what if that thing is still wiggling and manage to wiggle its way back to my toilet bowl... eewww)

I suddenly looked at Orange in a different light. Definitely not like my playful cute and cuddly boy but a killer with quick instinct.. This morning, Orange climbed onto the bed wanted a morning cuddle from me. I avoided his face...

Friday, March 14, 2008

The picture says it all

Came back yesterday and found this: My all time favourite mug lay broken on the floor

Princess Lala pretending to act as surprise as me at scene

Only sole witness to the above incident was unfortunately silenced before I could questioned her.

(Looking anywhere but me) Nope, definitely not me !

Caught our Princess Lala with the guilty started look when I caught her unaware...

Immediately change into her cool as cucumber posh style look- You've to be kidding right.. me a princess playing with your dirty mug.. oh plz I've better things to do..

Just to side track, saw this clipping on the straits' time today. This stray cat hid onto the car tyre to hide from the rain yesterday. Cats are smart definitely know how make use of any situation to their advantage.. Just like the little rascals :-P

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bath time = 2 grumpy wet cat + injured me

There comes a day every month for the little rascals to get some extra assistant from me to clean their body and give their tongue a rest day haha.. Not that they are not doing a good job out of it but hey tongue has its limitation right. U sure cant get your tongue to clean your own back right? Anyway they always smell nicer for me to cuddle...

Since it was sunny day last Sunday, I decided to give the little rascals their long due bath meant for the month of February..
Orange: Well, kiddo you lose the bet.. Mummy is giving us that bathing time look!

Lala: Rats! I should have know Mummy won't let it slip out of her mind... men doesn't she has better things to do! Just know its knew its too good to be true!

Orange: Well, you still lose the bet.. don't forget to leave half your dinner for me kaka..

As usual, I had to catch Lala 1st to bathe since she's the smaller in size and could easily hide in hard to reach places in time of danger. Sorry guys, no pictures were taken during their bathing time... the little rascals start to protest about their legal cat privacy rights...

Bathing with Lala is a test of my agility and patience and speed. She would start to cling onto my T-shirt with her claws as we approached the bathroom. Looking at me with her fearful dilated pupils that scream: Please don't put me through this! Well somebody has to do the job right.. can't count on Mr Lim who's reading the newspaper in the living room and half dozing off.. obviously oblivious to the mini commutation in the bathroom.
Lala starts howling once she knows there's no escape. Since there wasn't any lock on the bathroom screen and I realise that Lala has learn the art of sliding the screen open with her paws, I had to use one of my leg to hold onto the screen to keep it from sliding. It was at this time that I realise I a natural acrobat.. balancing on one leg and quickly using my hands to shower her. Throughout the whole time, Lala would be crawling about in the shower area with me blocking her route.. sure am glad my bathroom is small.

At this time, my half dozing off Mr Lim decided to take of peek from the top of the shower screen gloating over the wet and miserable Lala.. Seeing him, Lala the ever optimistic thought she could stand a chance of escape by leaping up the screen in the bid of hoping she could actually jumped over it. Alas, even cats has its limitation, she landed right back on the floor and on top of my feet! I yeaped out in pain and shocked as I see angry marks start swelling and appearing on my feet. Sensing trouble.. our Mr Lim quietly makes his exit...
An illustration on where Mr Lim was standing looking at the "show" and how Lala leaped upwards the screen..

Marks left behind by Lala after she landed on my feet in her bid to escape! Ouch right... but I'll survive..

Orange fare much better for his bathing. Like a big boy, he took the shower in his stride and not at all meowing and howling away like his sister..

The little rascals are most grumpy after their bathe... they went on to one corner and obsessively licked themselves dry.. each competing with another to see who dries him or herself faster. Pictures were hard to capture during this time as they totally ignore me.. probably still feeling sore that I force them to bathe..

In dramatic whining voice: Oh look what you've done to my once beautiful fur. Now Im gonna make sure I have to lick them dry for a 100 times according to my rules of princess Lala.. where's my servant?? oh and while you looking for that, a cup of lukewarm water for me.. gonna be thirsty after all that licking..

Hate being wet.. Just look so unglamorous with all my fur matted together... So damaging for my reputation!

Lala: Will you stop following me around with that annoying box! This is a demoralising sob sob..

m cool being wet.. no problem men at least I know I got to eat treats after that... hmm so where's the treat ah?

Best stay far away from Lala.. heard she's shouting for her "servant" won't wanna be mistaken for one men..

Yippeee.. the moment I've been waiting for!! treat treat!! Well, kiddo you still got lots to learn from me men... sacrifice a bit and you got a big fish waiting for you at the end..

Lala: #@!$%^...