Saturday, June 26, 2010

A ME moment while Xiao Bu Dian's asleep!

Finally had a glimpse of time to update my thoughts on events that has been happening in the past 2 months..
Yes I am delighted to announce I had safely delivered my baby boy on 10th of may! Life hasn't been the same and am still struggling at times.. motherhood instinct comes slowly for me as Im not a baby/children person..

House no longer look the same as Xiao Bu Dian's stuff are scattered everywhere...Sometimes when bb has fallen asleep (finally!) and Mr Lim and I were watching TV in the living room, I suddenly forget that I am a mother like life was like 2 months ago...

Nowadays we no longer take our time to eat dinner together. we now have to take turn to eat dinner so other one is free to handle Xiao Bu Dian who demands constant attention.
Little rascals seem indifferent to presence of Xiao Bu Dian. No hissing or biting coming from them... They only been sniffing around Xiao Bu Dian's feet and head and tottered away.. Looks like Xiao Bu Dian is not of interest to them. They just give me the blank startled look whenever Xiao Bu Dian decides to practice his vocal cords.. as if telling me he's disturbing the peace in the house..
I think little rascals were more disturbed by intruders in the house who were around in the day time to help me with Xiao Bu Dian.. During the 1st month, poor little rascals had been hiding in the toilet cabinet not because of Xiao Bu Dian but because of the strangers in the house.. Lala hit record by been inside the whole day. Only to come out from hiding place after 7pm. Orange however just seems to want his moment of solitary hence hid there not out of fear.
Oops Xiao Bu Dian's stirring in his bed.. better go attend to him before he does the you know what...