Sunday, May 2, 2010

At my 9th month...

Im at the end of my 36th week which is my 9th month of pregnancy. Here's a picture of how huge my tummy look now.. I am walking more slowly nowadays. Its depressing to see my feet getting swollen like balloon that makes walking and wearing my work shoes difficult.

Trimming my toenails becomes a tricky task now. Since Mr Lim wasn't confident doing a pedicure for me, I had no choice but to spend $$ to have someone do the job for me.

To cheer myself up, I decided to have my nail toe painted and add a little more $$ to have nail art done as well.. too bad I didn't have a picture of my leg before they swell up otherwise you can really see the before and after look..

A closer look at my nail art..

2 months ago when my tummy wasn't this big. I had an unpleasant encounter with a female colleague.

Tactless She (TS): So how many months are you?

Me: About 7 months.

TS: So small!

Me: Thanks lor! (in a sarcastic tone)

TS: So how many months is XXX? (another pregnant colleague)

Me: Im not sure. maybe one or two months earlier than me? You go and ask her lah

TS: Oh no lah. cos her's seem bigger than yours.

Simply can't believe for someone who has the brain to study in a medical school and a female herself can say such tactless thing to a pregnant lady. I bet she must had converted her EQ storage space for IQ during her course of study.

I was unfortunate enough to have to endure another episode of her tactless conversation last week when TS saw me.

TS: Aiyoh you still walking around ah?

Me: Of course lah, Im working leh, then what you expect me to do? sit on wheelchair?

TS: How many months are you now?

Me: Almost 9 months.

TS: Is this your 1st pregnancy?

Me: Yes (Dying to get away)

TS: (in a sing-song tone) Aiyoh, then you wait long long ah (I presume she's implying that I should expect a long labour process since its my 1st pregnancy)

Irritated with her. I walked away to another area and to realise TS had also walked and continued her "heart-warming conversation" with me.

TS: So when are you due?

Me: Does it matter, anyway you already ask me to wait long long! (and I walked away after saying that)

I think I deserve a round of applause for saying that back at her. I hope she realise that she was really tactless. Thank goodness, she is not my friend hence I can't be bother with her comments. I only pity the patients who had to suffer under her tactless tongue.. I guess throughout the journey of every pregnant lady, they are bound to encounter such unpleasant moments. I have learnt to take it like a pinch of salt and ignore them.

Today is the last day of my leave (3 days only). Had planned for this mini leave so I could rest. Sad to say, these 3 days of rest didn't do any improvement to my bloated and aching feet. In fact they seems worse despite elevating them. Been sitting around and sleeping these 3 days thanks to the ever helpful Mr Lim! I wonder how Im gonna survive through my work tomorrow. Just praying that my leave will be able to bring forward so I can rest more.

Of course, despite my whining about the down side of my pregnancy. I am very glad that BB is doing well and kicking actively. Should be expecting BB anytime soon as I have a feeling he will decide to come out earlier than expected..