Thursday, October 7, 2010

Three months on..

Xiao Bu Dian is almost five months old now and I have since return back to work. I am still religiously breastfeeding him day and night whenever possible... If anyone were to ask me what is my current hobby... U know the answer.. Yup.. BREASTFEEDING and EXPRESSING breast milk. Yes it is really hard work but like all mothers I'm gonna say something cliche.. When I look at him now.. I know its all worth it!!

Am thankful for colleagues who are understanding enough to allow me the time to do my "business" at work.. Hope I be able to make it to his sixth month after that can relax don't have to be so paranoid like now.. To Mr Lim thanks for being so understanding during these period of time I know u are trying to lighten my burden a lot of times.. We just have to tahan for another month more after that I promise I won't be so rigid about it okie!

Mum has been a great help since I started working. Glad we are able to come to a mutal agreement without comprising XBD's welfare so now able to focus on work better.

Lala has finally come to accept my mother's presence in our house. Yes it took her four months to get use to my mother and for her to roam about freely in the house when mother is around. No more hiding in the toilet cabinet haha

Orange the ever happy go lucky fellow has taken up his big brother role seriously.. he helps me watch over XBD when he's sleeping in the sarong... though it would be even better if he could help me rock the sarong haha..

Ah Sky on the other hand also accepted XBD as part of the family. He is resigned to the fact that he is no longer the centre attraction of the house.. well he still got the sweet side of him.. sitting near XBD on the bed Now that Im working, I treasure the free time I get to spent with him.. he seems to grow up so fast.. just realise today he's having difficulty fitting into the bumbo seat.. his fleshy thighs get stuck between the loop..

Yes if you realise there is no photo of Lala and XBD.. still haven't got the chance to catch her and XBD together.. She does comes up to sniff XBD but its so fast she scatter off quickly before I can take a shot of it.. I guess she slow to warm up to people like her mummy haha..