Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cupid strikes at the oddest place

Its Valentine's day and Cupid's arrow seems to strike on our Princess Lala.. hmm just who could the lucky guy that caught her sight..She's been seen hanging outside the room the past few days.. looking like she's guarding something.She's been like this ever since we bought a new vacuum cleaner. An all black and extra silence vacuum cleanerAnd she sure is shy and coy about it when she knows Im observing her. See.. she pretends to be checking up other stuffs and totally ignores the object of her desire...Unable to resist the temptation, she walked over and gently start getting acquaintance with her new friend..After deciding that Mr vacuum cleaner is not a threat, she settle down and starts sniffing it And finally settle herself closely beside her new friend and watch around to make sure no one else gets close to Mr vacuum cleaner. I wonder what attracts her to the Vacuum cleaner.. Could it be the all black shiny surface that Lala feel that it resembles her? Or could it be the big sturdy body gives Lala a sense of protection when sitting beside it?

Anyway I captured a video of Mr vacuum cleaner in action. I think its quite amusing.. The little rascals usually scuffle off at the sight of the old vacuum cleaner in action. Well, Orange still doesn't like the new Mr vacuum cleaner.. perhaps its a guy thing..
Lala on the other hand, surprisingly stayed where she was and simply watch her new friend in action.. in admiration

By the way, the video had been captured with my new HTC diamond 2 hp. Takes wee bit long to upload so be patient. Pictures were also taken with my new hp.. not bad lah rite?