Monday, October 29, 2007

Beautiful Day it was...

Beautiful day it was today so glad its already my post night off... Or rather yesterday keke... Looked out of the window and this was what I saw...Look at the beautiful blue sky... see that streak of cloud arch across the sky... its as if a plane just flew past leaving trail of its mark behind... I thought of my Ah Sky and I wonder if he was enjoyed the view like I did...
Princess Lala and Orange was up and early.. Looks that they are also enjoying the wonderful view as well!

Our Princess Lala sitting by the platform looking demure enjoying the view like me... and grooming herself as usual...

Hmmm.. Orange seen standing proud staring to the sky as well... Plotting a way to climb out of the window for a better view perhaps?

Naughty Orange strike again!

Looks like Orange is really dying for his chance to be mention in the blog... Therefore he felt that the instant way to immediate fame is to anger mummy!

Somehow I had brought home the remaining 2 coconut bun from my work place. God knows how come I've put them in my bag when I have a locker. Left the bun in a plastic bag, tied a knot and put it in my bag. Went off to LalaLand..

Woke up and found this on the floor...
As usual nobody saw what happen but whoever ate the bun was sure clever! Look closely at the picture again and you'll notice the most of the coconut filing had been eaten up! My gut feeling tells me its Orange. How did I know it was Orange?

Apparently the next day, he had a mild case of diarrhea. the fellow LS* and Mr Lim complained to me as he was the one who cleared up the litter box haha...

Well, what can I say, Orange sure gets his way. Not only he gets today's fame to the blog and also enjoyed a sumptuous coconut snack. I bet he even thinks LS was worth it all...

*Lao Sai (Hokkein for diarrhea)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Qiang Qiang MTV for all to see

Yeah 3 cheers to the genius Mr Lim who helped me upload the MTV after much nagging from the sotong me...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Moments to share and ponder on

It's great to see the comments left by you all who read my blog. Thank Jo, now i know there's actually a name for that haha... and to ans your question, Yes I do babble silly stuff to Lala when I cuddle her like that.... haha perhaps Lala brings the maternal instinct in me...

As usual our princess Lala has fallen asleep on my lap now as Im typing out this blog. This spoiled brat seems to love taking advantage of me whenever Im using the pc or reading my book on the sofa.

I have a very good friend who is also a cat lover like me. She has a cat (ah moon) and a rabbit (Da xiong). It was a funny combination~ cat+rabbit. I am always amused with the story she told me of the both of them. Like how ah moon loves to pounce on poor da xiong or how da xiong would drink from ah moon's dishwater resulting in the latter having to search for water source in the toilet.. despite all these they are still happily cohabiting in a cosy house...

Sadly da xiong passed away due to old age sometime this yr or last yr (sorry can't rem clearly)... Got to hear from my friend when I met her up recently. Da xiong was found in the kitchen by her brother. Poor ah moon looked solemnly at Da xiong. It was heartbreaking hearing her describe the days after da xiong is gone. Poor ah moon linger around the kitchen sitting there staring into space as if moaning for the loss of a long time friend. Though I was not a rabbit lover, hearing my friend recall the event brings tears to my eyes. I could imagine the loneliness ah moon felt having to lose a friend and also the pain my friend has to go through for the lost of her dear rabbit.

I guess this is something all pet owner dread most. The day our pets leave us for the kingdom of heaven and the living would have to adapt to the one gone... I simply could not imagine what my live would be should this day comes. Yet it is inevitable. Recently S.H.E Ella sung a song over the loss of her dog Qiang Qiang. In the song, she recalls of how Qiang Qiang loved to be stroke over the ears and always asking her to play ball. She thanked her dog the years of company and hopes that her dog will remember her and quickly find his way to Heaven. I cried when I heard it. Ya hard to believe the usual me who hardly cry in front of soppy drama actually shed tear for this song... I guess it remind me of Da xiong and Ah moon. Just like what the song says. They will always be living in our memories..

Photo taken with courtesy from Jo

Well, toady's blog is specially dedicated to Da Xiong~ May you be happy whenever you are... You will live in the memories of those who misses you dearly... Ah moon included Im sure...

好狗狗 好狗狗
你永远活在记忆中 can watch the MTV from this link...meanwhile I try to upload the MTV... (totally clueless at the moment... Mr Lim ehh where are you ah?)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Simple steps to make a contented cat

Materials required are as follows...
A quilt blanket folded into a triangular shape
A super duper 100% manja cat!

Place the super duper 100% manja cat onto the centre of the blanket. Make sure tail is nicely tuck in line with the couture of the body. Not a major issue for short tail cat though.. (A lot of times this action is not require as super duper 100% manja cats voluntarily crawl onto the blanket.)

Fold the bottom pointed part of the triangle upwards to start the wrapping as shown in the pic.

Fold the left side of the pointed triangle over the to right side. Take note of the head. Do not cover it. Tuck the ends inwards the cat's body. Do the same for the right side.

And viola...

You've got a nicely wrapped up cat! Word of cautious: super duper 100% manja cat will start exhibiting uncontrollable vibrations.

And there you have... a very contented and happy cat drifting to LalaLand anything soon.

Calafare for today... Orange the Kapok Samy :-P

Ehh... today never talk about me ah? When's my turn ah?