Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sally the basket complains

My name is Sally. I was made to be a basket meant for pet use. Mummy and daddy bought me from Ikea cause I was cheap. I was placed strategically by the window in the master bedroom. Nice view there with sunlight shinning at every part of my body.

Got to know little orange 1st. Look at that boy... he used to spent his afternoon nap with me in his young days. Nowadays he hardly come by....

Ever since princess Lala came along... Life has been miserable...Look at me now. (Hysterical crying)Sob Sob Sob... Look at the woven basket bits on the floor. Somebody been abusing me!!

Ya that's her Im talking about! Small and sweet looking on the outside but full of mischievous thoughts on the inside. She would spent her afternoon sitting on me and start to chew happily as if Im one of her treats.... Mummy thought she was going through the "teething phrase" Ha!! As if!! They ignore it... Overheard a conversation b/w mummy and daddy once:

Daddy:"Aiya buy this basket for them see they keep bitting it. make the floor so messy!

Mummy: Aiya what to do? Since bed is theirs they are free to do what they want with it.

Can you believe it! I was crying buckets of wooden chips hearing that! No mention of how heartache the rascals are damaging me! Worse they are only concern my spare parts are messing up the place. Boo hoo...

Lala would act all sweet and nice towards me when Mummy and Daddy are staring at her. Pretending to clean herself and curl up... If only they know how I feel... What can I do? Can anyone save me from further destruction?
Miserable Sally...

Monday, September 3, 2007

Careless me = disasterous consequences

Monday morning 0700hrs. This was the scene that greeted Mr Lim as he walked towards the kitchen. In case those of you who can't figure out the picture. Its actually loose rice grain scattered nicely all over the floor. Like the leftover rice grain in a warehouse. Only this is not the case. I was the cause of the incident. Had forgotten to put the packet of rice grain into the cabinet yesterday. Luckily I was not reprimanded by Mr Lim strongly as he was busy preparing to go to work and I have instantly offered my service to clear up the mess stat.

So who was the culprit?? Was it Orange on the Left or Lala?? Only thing certain was crime was definitely done while the both of us were sound asleep! Both maintained a safe perimeter from the crime scene not wanting to have anything to do with it... as if proclaiming their innocent.

Had to use my bare hands to gather all the rice grain together... my mind suddenly drifted to the importance of rice and how we should not waste them... haha... meanwhile Lala decided toapproached with cautious towards me trying to kepok if there's anything to help out with (or play). Gave her a "can melt an ice berg on a summer's day" look and she back off immediately.

Smart Orange acted aloof sitting far one corner pretending to look elsewhere when I look at his directions
While I was cleaning up the mess, grumpy Mr Lim carried on with his routine and grumbling away:
"The two of you really very naughty
Lala must be the culprit, must be her... always like to bite things
when will she grow up
must discipline her properly!
making people doing extra work... see lah mummy have to clear up the mess
bet you all had disco yesterday night.
Gonna lock you up in the room when I come back in the evening."

This was the packet of rice grain under their their paws and teeth...

No wonder the both of them seems so quiet now... sleeping. Perhaps Mr Lim is right. They did have a disco last night. Really played hard...ZzzzZzzz