Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Uneventful day :-(

Orange's diarrhea continued yesterday amounting to a total of 5 times. Though each time was only a small amount of watery stool but I know its enough to dehydrate a small animal. Had to force feed him water via syringe for fear he might go into dehydration. Brought him to the vet that evening. Vet gave Orange a mild scolding for being a glutton. He was given some medications to stop the diarrhea and some friendly bacterica for his tummy.

Orange seems to shrink after a day of diarrhea. He hardly has the energy to even meow while I was preparing his food. Doc recommend me to feed him clear diet-boiled chicken breast meat with some porridge.

Yesterday's dinner as ordered by doc.

Its surprising to still see Orange have the appetite to eat though he ate slower than usual.

As usual, I had to give Lala the same kinda food for fear she might think Im showing favourism. For once, Lala finishes her food faster than Orange. In fact, he didn't even finish his food, guess he doesn't have much appetite.

One hour later after his meal and medications, Orange started retching and foaming on the mouth. It was scary like he's poisoned.

Helplessly, I watched him paced around the kitchen dripping bubbly foam on the floor. I didn't know what happen to him and called up the vet. They told me to put him off the water and food for next 12hrs and observe him. And that symptom that I describe by the way is the cat's way of vomiting and nausea.

Mr Lim and I felt that he must have eating too much dinner just now and drank too much water hence causing the vomiting.

Lala staring through the translucent door looking at his bro while Orange vomiting... There's nothing much I could do expect to stay with Orange and watching him foam small puddle of bubbly foam everywhere in the kitchen. I know he's feeling terrible. He meowed pitifully and use his head to knead against me. After 35mins, he finally stopped vomiting and I then carried him to the sofa where he rest and soon dozed off...

This morning, heard from Mr Lim he retained his breakfast well. Seeing no more vomiting. I stupidly gave him the medications only to cause him to have another episode of vomiting for 15mins. Now Im thinking it may be the medications that causing the vomiting and not the food he took. I feel so gulity for causing him to have to go through another episode of vomiting.

Hai... I don't think I'll continue with the medications. He's been prescript Diarrstope, Medazole and Trizine. Can anyone tell me if this will cause the symptoms as seen in Orange? Will see what the vet says. Just hope to see him get better soon.

Mummy, today I take care of Orange 哥哥 okie...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Orange is sick!

Last saturday, few of Mr Lim's friend came and they ordered KFC. At the end of the day, 2 piece nugget and 3 piece chicken were leftover and we decided to store it in a plastic container and leave for dinner. Off we went out to buy things.

Came back open the door and immediately caught the faint smell of KFC. I knew something was wrong. As expected, Orange was caught red handed squatting on the kitchen floor enjoying a piece of the KFC chicken!!! Lala hiding somewhere... God knows how he managed to peel open the plastic cover off the container! with his mouth??

Not only that, we found the 2 nuggets missing as well... Don't even know if Lala ate it as well..

Anyway woke up on sun to find pile of vomitus at different part of the house. Again God knows who vomited?? Both cat appear active as normal its hard to tell... though we suspect its Orange. No photo were taken due to the grossly content...

Today I finally know who is the sick cat suffering from post illegal bludging. Orange was found having watery stool and looking lethergy. He had diarrhea x2. Hai poor Orange is not like his usual self today.
Again my heart aches seeing him in this state.. As usual Lala the inconsiderate brat keeps lureing him to play with her... Hah she gets a scolding from me and sulk one corner.

Lala sulking behind Orange and looking bored..

Mr Lim says he can hear Orange's stomach turning about inside... I guess Orange must be suffering from GE. I just hope he can get well soon in next two days
Tummy feels funny and I don't feel like playing

maybe tomorrow will be a better day...

Orange bro.. get well soon so we can tear the house down and keep mummy and daddy up the night okie... I'll wait for you..

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fishy business

I was suppose to write put up this blog last month as usual... somehow forgotten about it until I start clearing my handphone. Went to try fish foot therapy with my best pal. These fishes are suppose to be able to eat off the dead skin on your foot. Just like what the pedicure does during exfoilation with their tool.

It was quite a scary experience at first if its your 1st time. It really feel tickish with the fishes nibbling on your foot. The fishes are sure hardworking, the whole school of them just crowd around your foot or any part of the leg that was surmerbed in the pool of water. It may look scary in the picture. Not a bad experience.

My foot feels not much difference before and after the fish treatment.. but of course the shop owner claimed will only get to see its effect after more treatment = to spend more $$..

I personally still prefer the foot exfoilation done during pedicure haha more effective. Perhaps next time if I should bring the little rascals there... Im sure they will be really excited..