Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The little rascals... missing in action

The little rascals are complaining that too much focus has been given to Ah sky and are giving me the cold shoulders nowadays.. They have been rather well-behave for past few months but I noticed that their behaviour towards me changed a bit thought.. Orange used to enjoy sitting in the middle of my lap whenever im sitting on the sofa watching the TV.. Sometimes he would even rest his chin on my lap which I love it when he does that.. Now he doesn't do that anymore..

I really wonder why? He still does the drop dead to one side on the floor and demand his tummy rub but he just stopped sitting on my lap.. Did he sense a change in me?

Meanwhile Lala remains the same... on auto mode will sit on the cushion whenever I place it on top of my lap still like Orange she too does not stay long like in the past

During the day, they usually keep themselves busy by napping away or watching me from a distance or sitting close to me but always a distance away.. hmmm really wonder what's wrong with them?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ah sky still has a soft spot for me after all...

I went back to see Ah sky again this tuesday and was not surprise that I couldn't see him as he was hiding from me. Despite coaxing from my parents, he still refuse to move out from his comfort zone..
My mother started telling me that when she told ah sky that I am coming over, she noticed he seems anxious. She started jokingly said that he is able to understand what she was telling him that the mere mention of my name can make him nervous. It's not funny.. at least not when Im the cause of this nervousness.
The green eye monster in me surfaces and I maliciously said: What have you all been telling ah sky! I know that was mean of me to say such a thing. I was hurt and angry with Ah sky's reaction towards me and by the way my mother puts it.. Luckily mother didn't take offend in what I said.
I spent the afternoon on my sister's bed using her laptop and ah sky eventually come out when he realised today its not of his visiting doctor day. Some time later, I heard the sound of his bell and I know he's awaken from his cat nap..
To my surprise, he came cooing towards me and jump onto the bed with me. I thought he must be hungry and wants to be fed.. but no.

He sat down beside me and did not meow like he usually did when he's hungry.He yawned lazily and then settled down comfortably in front of the laptop. All my anger and hard feelings instantly melt away by his gesture. Its as if he's telling me that he's sorry for hiding away from me everytime I stepped into the house. And that Im still his favourite jie jie after all I've done for him... In fact he sat there with me for quite a long time until I reluctantly stepped out of the bed to have dinner.
Human tends to do thing in the event of hoping to get something back in return. When a person does a charitable act, did he did it out of good will or for the recognition he will get. When a person gives a gift to another friend, did that friend did it because of he value the person as a friend or simply he's expecting to get a gift in return. Chinese have this saying 礼尚往来. I guess in all my years of knowing people, I have encounter a fair share of countless people/acquaintance who make me doubt their gesture that I can't help but having this "Are they doing it because they value me as a friend or they want something in return" echoing at the back of my mind.

I guess only animals are true and Ah sky sure has a way to my heart. For I am certain I will never doubt his gesture. His lack of words and big on gesture sure put us humans to shame. A cat is better and far more reliable than a human friend.