Monday, November 30, 2009

See what see..

Apologies for neglecting my blog for such a long time. Its been a roller coaster ride for me the past two months.. I hope this roller coaster ride is coming to a smooth ride soon.. its a really special and happy period of time for Mr Lim and I now as we anticipate what is to come as months goes by..
Will be updating on Ah sky soon. Been hard to take photos of them nowadays as my handphone's battery is spoilt so unable to use. Currently stuck with an old ancient but useful Nokia handphone which belongs to Mr Lim. Not easy bringing my camera around and taking it out to capture candid shot of them when I want to.. haha I sound as if my camera is very bulky.. Well its not but I just don't find it convenient..
Currently sort of taking another look at Iphone which has been highly recommended by all my fanatic Iphone friend user + Mr Lim. Have to agree with them its really high tech. and the apps seem really cool too bad it fails in the photo megapix (okie I can hear BOO from all Iphone user) anyway another option would be the Samsung jet.. megapix same as my current one and i can be assure i can continue to take wonderful shots.
Managed to upload a few shots of the little rascals looking really busy one of the nights...
When you see a cat standing in a position for quite some time you know they are up to something..
He's so focus on his task that my camera didn't make his lose his concentration!

This staring game got so "fun" and intense that our Lala decided to join in peeking from the corner of the bench...
So what are you staring at Orange?

I got my answer as I follow their gaze and saw the object of desire...Up on one corner of the ceiling is Mr Slimy again who decides to drop in on a visit again..

By now, even Lala had decided to join Orange in the stand.. Both cats looking intensely at Mr Slimy using their cat eye powers hoping to convince him to come down for a "play"

As expected Mr Slimy is not game enough for the "play" that the little rascals had in mind and decided to stay put. Lala gives up trying to convince him to come down with her super biotic eye power. She gave Orange a sniff and walked away.. Leaving Orange the ever hopeful alone..

Eventually when I had taken my shots I asked Mr Lim aka the party spoiler to disperse Mr Slimy away.. hehehe..

End of the day..

Zero casualty

One party spoiler

One disappointed cat

One happy photographer

One new blog entry