Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Meet the coolest cat in the neighbourhood!

There has been sighting of a handsome cat roaming around in my mum's neighbourhood recently. One that even knows how to use the lift! Those who seen the cat describe it as confident and friendly some even say pretty... So just who is this cat?

I finally saw it myself one day.. there it was lying in the middle of the passageway along the lift landing not at all bothered by the crowd of people walking by or walking over him. Too bad i didn't have my camera with me so couldn't take any pic at that time. I decided to name this cat Ping Pong hehe..

Yesterday.. I finally bumped onto Ping pong again and he was such a friendly cat not fearful of strangers at all. I wonder if he was an abandoned cat as my family only started seeing him recently in the neighbourhood.

Ping pong waking up from his nap...

He's got this white with cappuccino shade on him with dark brownish tip nose and ears, top up with a pair of clear blue eyes and a slick long tail... He's so friendly that he just continue to lie on his side as I slowly stroke his head and ears.

Wanted to capture his blue eyes but Ping Pong is definitely camera shy.. He kept turning away or closing his eye in my desperate attempt to take a good picture of his front view...
I think I end up looking like a siao cha bo (crazy women) or suspicious charactor loitering along the stairs landing with my handphone squatting around moving like a duck not to forget perspiring away..
I sneaked out some of Ah sky's dry food for Ping Pong to munch on while he's taking his afternoon nap.Licking his mouth after a treat from me..

Followed by the routine cleaning of their paws..

And then lying on his side to await for 2nd round of tummy rub from me hehe...