Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bobby broke his tail! (again!)

Bobby is my keychain cat. He was a gift from somebody long long time ago. I like it so much I was afraid of spoiling it and has been keeping it in a box for years until I forgot about its existence! I came to realise his existence while packing through my stuff. I decided to let Bobby out and happily put it on my pouch. The above picture was taken during one of his early happy days as my keychain pouch!
Within a month, Bobby met with an accident. As he has a really beautiful long straight tail (made of plastic) this made him highly susceptible to tail injury. His tail must have got broken in my bag. Luckily was able to find it and stick it back with superglue.
Ever since that 1st accident, I felt I must do something to protect Bobby from further damage but I still wanna hang him somewhere I could see him everyday. So I thought hey why not hang it with my nametag.. this way Bobby can follow me around when I work and it cheers my day to see him anyway.
Two days ago, Bobby fell down again.. okie it was the user's fault but I didn't do it on purpose. His tail broke again! for the second time...
The sad thing was when I tell some of my colleagues about it.. they laugh at poor Bobby including MR LIM...
Good thing Bobby is a good nature cat with not much temper.. he seems oblivious to the whole thing.. I hope he's not too traumatise by this whole thing.. cause he's got this daze look..
I kept the broken tail in a very safe place to make sure the paint won't get scrape off or the whole thing disappear as you know its so tiny..
You see, I can even compare it with Lala's tail to show you how tiny is it... Oops shouldn't be doing comparison like that.. might get Bobby upset..

Anyway I thought I'll settle this tiny problem with the use of superglue. I bought a new tube of superglue and tried to glue it back this afternoon.

I applied the superglue on the end of the tail and stick it back to Bobby

held it in position while blowing it to hasten the process of sticking..

only to realise the tail does not stick back to Bobby after I release my grip

I tried the process a few more times with the same result. I got frustrated and decided to apply some on my fingers and stick them together... no lah kidding not that silly. Anyway I applied some on a piece of paper and stick them together and guess what? It doesn't stick!

What kinda stupid glob of superglue is this! Can't even stick paper together! And to think the superglue packaging still have the cheek to caution user that it BONDS SKIN IN SECONDS! Well on the other hand maybe I only have myself to blame... for this stupid tube of superglue only cost me 80cents..

Well looks like Bobby will have to go through few more days without his tail for the time being until I buy a proper truly SUPERGLUE!

And no laughing at Bobby meanwhile...

Friday, April 9, 2010

"Long long" for Ah sky & little rascals

Thank you all for your encouraging comments. Its comforting to know that there are parents are there in Singapore who has successfully raise healthy baby in presence of cats in the house! In the midst of preparing for arrival of BB, I did not forget the little rascals and ah sky. Decided to buy something for them as well..

I bought this miniature cat keychain for Ah sky attached with a belt. It has the chinese character "寿" on the cat meaning long life. I purposely choose this for ah sky hoping that this will bring him a long life ahead of him.
Ah sky is so vain. He knows its for him and peek from the corner of the sofa (its new by the way) looking on as I adjust it onto his collar
I think he's seems quite happy with the additional add on on his collar. He immediately sit up straight for me to take a photo of him after I put the collar on him... anyway I think he look so handsome even though he dirtied his nose from frequent hideout under the bed...
I got a different reaction from the little rascals though...
First of all, I had a hard time placing the collar back on the little rascals esp Lala.. who thought we are gonna give her another bath.. as we usually remove it before bath..
I actually saw a miniature cat with the chinese character "避邪" on it.. wanted to buy it for Lala as I thought its really suitable for her... Seeing she's so scared and timid of everyone and everything (except Orange, Mr Lim and me) she definitely need some kind of amulet to protect her haha.. Too bad the miniature cat was in black color and you know Lala is mostly darkish black in color and if I put in on her, I wont be able to see the miniature cat..
In the end, I choose this dainty sweet miniature cat with pink blossom flower on it for her. I think its quite suitable for her character.. the demure princess quality in her..
Unlike Ah sky who has no issue with his additional add-on on the collar, this is likewise for Lala. Had to chase her around the house just to put the collar back for her. And after the collar was put on, she kept trying to bite it off as the miniature cat had add on a length followed by the bell.. Was unable to get her to stand/sit still to take a full picture of her with the new add on (like I did for Ah sky). In fact has been trying for past few days without success. Only manage to take the above picture without her face just this am..
Orange did not fare well either. Though did not encounter much difficulty with Orange, he seems nonchalant about his miniature cat. I choose this simple happy looking cat which I reminds me of his character.. Happy-go-lucky with not a care in the world.. doesn't let anything affect him and doesn't bear grudges for long... He's like my zen master... I must remind myself to be more like him nowadays.. Again was not able to take a nice photo of him with the new add on cause he's always thinking Im gonna give him a treat whenever I approach him with the camera god knows why..