Friday, December 28, 2007

Spectulation on how Orange climbed out.. Lesson to be learnt

Was really surprise by the comments some of you left behind... Never thought my blog will be read by others. On behalf of Orange I thank you all for your kind comments. One of the blogger-Veganmeow is right. Its a good idea to share with others how my window was meshed up so that other's can learn from my mistake..

This was how my window was meshed up for the past 1 year. You can see that the top of the grill was not covered. This kinda mesh can be purchase at any pet shop. Only comes in fix roll..

That morning Orange must had climbed over the meshed up window and out from the top of the loop that wasn't meshed up. Since he wasn't able to get a footing on the other side of the ledge. He fell.

After what happened to Orange, Mr Lim and I went out all the way to prevent such a incident from happening. We decided to buy a metal fence. We took the measurement of the whole window grill and bought them at one of the shop in Kelantan lane. It was expensive since we decided to choose a stainless steel one. But at least we don't have to worry about it getting rusty due to rain or moisture.

This is how window is being meshed up now with the stainless steel fence. Its quite simple. Only need to use cable tie to secure it.

Though its expensive but I definitely feel its way better than the previous mesh. Below is a summary of the pros and cons...


  • Stainless steel, won't get rust
  • Bigger holes provide better ventilation and light (yet little rascals won't be able to squeeze out)
  • Can be cut to size for better fit. Neater than the mesh which only comes in fix roll.


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

Hope today's blog will be a good resource for further or current cat owners. Anyone with other kinda mesh share with me okie! Will update on Orange's statue again next round...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Mummy Im getting better!

Orange looking macho knowing he's going to have his photo taken.

Sitting up for another pose and using his front paw to cover his belly due to loss of fur... *shy*

Sorry mummy know Im not suppose to climb... oops touchy sensitive word nowadays... I simply couldn't resist sleeping in this box... just have to climb up and sleep inside. ZzzZzz...

Mummy did you take a ruler and measure how long is it? I think I can removed the staples on my own leh.. then you can save a trip and money lo keke rite?

Cheeky Orange never fails to terrify Lala knowing now she's not use to his scent. Seeing Lala inside the wardrobe. That fellow purposely sit himself comfortably on the mat blocking Lala's exit!
Poor Lala start to panic at the sight of her "familiar yet unfamiliar enemy"

Lala frantically tries to escape past Orange while keeping her eyes on Orange. Orange on the other hand, remains aloof and gonk-out...

See see... beautiful daisy with heart-shaped get well soon attached. From Mummy's best pal Jo... who came to our house specially to visit me!! Did you know my heart race whenever I see her? She's so beautiful... keke.. looking at mei niu sure keeps the blues away for injured cat like me ;P

Flower ah for me is it?

Are you sure its for him not for me? what's a big boy doing with flower? so gay...

Feels so nice to be shower with love from mummy and daddy and mummy's sister and of course mummy's best pal... Flower smell nice and gonna sit close to it so Lala can't get a sniff of it haha...

Irony.. sad unfortunate incident

It took me days before I finally have the courage to type down this blog today. Was afraid to type this blog as I feared people might think or start to question my capability to care for my cats. Or worse... things might blown out of proportion.

My previous blog was about "everybody gets high" seems like the cat who got the highest was Orange. One morning while we were sleeping, he decided to be adventurous. He climbed over the meshed window and out of the top of the ledge that wasn't meshed. He fell straight down from the 6th storey. Woke up can't find him anywhere in the house. With Lala staring at the window meowing away, Mr Lim knew something was not right.

Orange was found sitting on the ground floor with small pool of blood. He was still conscious and alert. But breathing really fast.

Anyway to cut a long story short..
Was send to the emergency vet hospital
Found to have pneumothorax and fractured pelvis
Admitted for 1 week
Went through surgery for placement of metal plate for the fractured pelvis.

It has been a week since Orange came back from the hospital. Poor Lala was meowing and howling during the absence of Orange. Now that he's back, she couldn't recognise him due to a different scent. Lala was hissing at orange and fighting for our attention even more. Its better now... Lala is more use to him but I wonder if she remember he's the Orange she used to snuggle with... As for Orange, he maintain his cool and calm posture whenever Lala hiss. There is not a hint of fear when he walked into the same room with Lala or sit on his favourite spot. I guess it just take time for Lala to be more settle down with Orange.

Yes it was really a fortunate thing that Orange survived the fall. He's a really strong and brave boy.. Stronger than I thought. He's now walking as per normal and I know he will get stronger and better as days gone by. His staples will be removed soon this weekend. As time gone by his fur will soon be able to cover up the scars.

Yet this shall be a painful memory to stay with me for life. It was a painful price for us to learn this lesson. We had been having the window meshed up like that for the past 1 year and nothing had happened. We had thought it was enough. We would never expect Orange to climb over the mesh that morning. Anyway to all cat owner if you happen to bring this blog and you haven't mesh up your window or if its not properly mesh up please do so immediately...

The reason why I decided to write this blog cause It just don't seem right to omit this event and carry on writing my blog as if nothing had happened to them. To those who are reading this blog, perhaps you might think we are irresponsible. Ya I admitted we were. Everyone learn from their mistake and a 2nd chance. I am glad God has given me a 2nd chance to make things right for Orange...