Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How was my service?

Another super late entry again.. this entry is meant for the month of December. and Im almost 2 months late... Nowadays my energy lifespan is really short and and the computer seems to have a sedative effect on me everytime I tried to update the blog...
Anyway, my roller coaster ride has come to a smooth ride for the time being.. still on and off bumps in between but its better than the last four months..

In view of my impending status at the moment.. I am sort of handicapped to do lots of things.. one of them include bathing for the little rascals.. For the past two years I have always been the one bathing them
Last month, Mr Lim had to take over the baton from me at least for the next five more months..

Mr Lim was all ready to be the bad guy that day and as a rule of thumb start off with the troublesome one...
Lala getting nervous as she realised she's being trapped in the shower cubicle again... and of course I had to supervise the whole procedure to guide the green horn..
Lala's "Get me out of here!" look...

Hehe.. a clearer shot of her with better lighting... u can see the fear in her eyes...

Clinging on desperately onto the shower screen in her bid to escape

Lala giving me the look when she realise Im not there to "save" her after all..
A video of how Lala meows whenever she is being bathe..

Finally over... drying her up.

And now Orange's turn.

Big brother Orange always fare better than his counterpart. Being the gentleman he is.. he will only meow softly but tend to head butt onto you making you wet as well..

Hardworking Mr Lim washing his bottom while Orange patiently waits on..

Unfortunately, his patience is short span and he starts to climb up the shower screen like Lala

Orange giving me the despair look

Video of Orange bathing and his soft meow compared to Lala's

Desperately trying to run away dripping wet while Mr Lim struggled to dry him with the towel.

Of course, its always treat time after bathing time. You can see how excite our Orange is as usual when it comes to food and of course the ever sceptical Lala..
At the end of the day, How was Mr Lim's service?

We've got a clean satisfied cat licking her mouth away after the bathe and treat..

One busy cat looking for quiet spot to lick himself dry after his treat..And of course not to forget




3 cheers for the exhausted Mr Lim with the wet pants haha... And for the experience.... Priceless!