Thursday, March 25, 2010

Something new something exciting!

Things are about to change in the household in about 2 months time.. Lifestyle and priorites to change and new challanges to cope.. for the two legged as well as the little rascals.
Yup Im happy to announced that Mr Lim and I are gonna expect our 1st bundle of joy soon.. Hence Mr Lim has been faithfully taking over most of the household chores and bathing for little rascals..
Orange's gonna be a big brother soon Lala's gonna realise she has another rival to fight with for attention.. That's me taken in January with Ah sky lazying beside me.. Now at 7th month gonna be 8th months pregnant (next week) my tummy look much more bigger than this picture.
Not sure if the little rascals or Ah sky knows BB is growing inside me.. I would sometimes place their tail on my tummy hoping they will be able to feel BB movement like I do.. alas no response from them hmmm...
Concern friends had commented on the negative impact of having cats and BB in the same household. To all these kind people out there... I know BB are really fragile but hope you will understand my stand when I said I believe Mr Lim and I will practice the common sense and with my nature of profession I believe the little rascals and BB will be able to co-exist in the same environment.
Abandoning them or giving them away for the sake of BB has never come across my mind. The little rascals are as important as BB is to us. I'm sure there are other Singaporean who have raise a healthy BB with cats in the house.Mr Lim bought this tiger bun some time back.. He excitedly told me its for BB but it came with only one ear.. missing ear on the Lt side... I was quite sad about the missing ear though..
In fact, Im really looking forward to seeing interactions between BB and little rascals in time to come. BB will be surrounded with animals.. cause mother in law has a dog and Ah sky's at my mum's house. I sure hope BB will grow up to learn to respect all animals and of course love cats like I do..
With 2 more months of preparation, people asked me if Im ready.. Well Im not I guess I'll never be.. Having the little rascals around kinda give us a small preparation of having a BB. Little rascals will bang on our door and meow like crazy as early as 6am as early reminder that its nearing their feeding time. But I know having a BB is 10x more hectic than simply listening to cat's meow. Whatever it it, Mr Lim and I will take the days as it comes through trial and error as newbie parents..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

True blue Singaporean.. Sky

Haven't been updating about Ah sky for quite some time. He's seems to be doing okie can't say better as he still have down days where he's vomiting and lethargy.. but no matter what happen, we will always be there with him.

During his last visit to the vet eariler last month, his Crea level in the normal range. Vet said he can be taken off one of the medication and next review be due in 6 months time. Just crossing my fingers his kidneys will be able to cope with less aid from medications..

Anyway, I've got a video of Ah sky eating durian. Yes.. durian.. I always tell people how he loves durian but I guess nobody can imagine how crazy he is.. I guess he's the only cat in singapore that loves durian like a true blue singaporean..

Enjoy the video..