Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hao Lian (Arrogant) Ah sky and other updates..

Its been a long time since I last update my blog. Taken lots of photos past few months and been making empty promises to myself to upload them on the blog... Well today's blog bit of a rojak..

First of all, an update on our King of the 3 cats.. ah sky
Mama's been doing her usual spring cleaning of the house without success. She was about to throw away a box when she realise that Ah Sky had taken a liking to it..
Well box strike off the list of to be thrown.. now upgraded as a private property of Ah Sky. Mama even make the effort of making it comfortable for him by placing a cushion inside..

He's just so proud to show off his new place... Strolling to the box and settling himself there acting nonchalant as I click my camera away...

Just what is he up to now?

This is a new pan that mama bought for me.. seems like Ah sky has taken an interest in it too...

First he tried resting the front part of his body into the pan for a feel...
Feeling satisfied, he squeezed himself into the pan and refused to move.
But soon he was distracted by a plastic bag beside him and he decide to play with it but still not moving out of the pan.

What? Can't I have some fun?
Meanwhile its been havoc at home as usual..
Who else but our Princess Lala throwing her tantrum to fit of anger when she heard of Ah Sky's new property..

Can you see what I see?? No.. not the disgusting foot dangling by the van's door.. and no its not a dead body either...

Yes.. look its a white cat. I've been eyeing this cat(guessing its a female) since the day I've been staying in my new house. Apparently she belongs to the family staying behind that window on the 2nd storey. Have seen her jumping out from that window with another black cat.. Was shocked the first time I saw it.. Then I realise that they just enjoy sitting on the parapet looking at the world go by... I wonder how many people notice the cat. Don't think I'll ever let my little rascals pop out of the window even if I stay on the 2nd storey. Mr leg by the door was sure staring at me as I took pictures of this cat. I think he thought I was taking pictures of him as he start giving me a dirty look.. Ooops..
Woo... its an egg...

And it belongs to Ah Sky...He sure is guiding it like his precious thing even when he's asleep.. Don't think he's really asleep though.. He just pretending to be sleeping.. Eyes are half close.. ever ready to snap at anyone who tries to steal his precious.. hmm sound familiar?

Oh look who's this?

Well, I name him Skippy.. He's the 1st friendly Punggolian cat I've seen so far.. Rest of the cat (not many only seen 2 so far) are so timid/shy they scatter away when I saw them.. He just walked up to him asking for a good rub on the head so I gave him some treats. Good thing he's been sterilized.. Think there must be a group of cat welfare team somewhere near this area.. Great job guys! Hope to be able to see Skippy more often..