Monday, October 27, 2008

Work disrupted..

Mummy has been hogging on to my favourite chair for the past few weeks. Don't know what she's doing but she's sure making a mess on the table. What's with the newspaper? Is she still looking out for our pictures? She simply refuse to move when I meowed relentlessly at her. So I waited one corner patiently and the moment I saw her standing up and walked out of the room...

I sat on it. Of course she doesn't too cool about it. She complained to Daddy how sneaky I was.. then she gave me a grumpy look...Me? I returned back the grumpy look as well.. protesting that my need is more important than hers.
Then not wasting any time, I act busy so she can't shoo me away haha..

Lala decided to find out what's keeping mummy so busy...

She decide to help relieve Mummy's workload by helping her to go through her notes and list out the important points.

Must enjoy my moment of victory as mummy had no choice but to push another chair to sit on.
However she realise that its difficulty to hold a pen or type in her notes using the keyboard

She decide to sit on the newspaper and wait for Mummy to come back and try to discuss with her.

Mummy seeing the both of us occupying the area, decide to call it a day and went out to watch TV...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We're on newspaper!!

Hey guess what, we're on yesterday's newspaper and a winner too! Mummy was so proud of us she generously open my favourite can food for dinner yummy! hehe.. Lala look kinda upset though.. as she is unhappy with mummy for choosing this photo of her looking so grumpy so un-glam she was complaining away..