Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hao Lian (Arrogant) Ah sky and other updates..

Its been a long time since I last update my blog. Taken lots of photos past few months and been making empty promises to myself to upload them on the blog... Well today's blog bit of a rojak..

First of all, an update on our King of the 3 cats.. ah sky
Mama's been doing her usual spring cleaning of the house without success. She was about to throw away a box when she realise that Ah Sky had taken a liking to it..
Well box strike off the list of to be thrown.. now upgraded as a private property of Ah Sky. Mama even make the effort of making it comfortable for him by placing a cushion inside..

He's just so proud to show off his new place... Strolling to the box and settling himself there acting nonchalant as I click my camera away...

Just what is he up to now?

This is a new pan that mama bought for me.. seems like Ah sky has taken an interest in it too...

First he tried resting the front part of his body into the pan for a feel...
Feeling satisfied, he squeezed himself into the pan and refused to move.
But soon he was distracted by a plastic bag beside him and he decide to play with it but still not moving out of the pan.

What? Can't I have some fun?
Meanwhile its been havoc at home as usual..
Who else but our Princess Lala throwing her tantrum to fit of anger when she heard of Ah Sky's new property..

Can you see what I see?? No.. not the disgusting foot dangling by the van's door.. and no its not a dead body either...

Yes.. look its a white cat. I've been eyeing this cat(guessing its a female) since the day I've been staying in my new house. Apparently she belongs to the family staying behind that window on the 2nd storey. Have seen her jumping out from that window with another black cat.. Was shocked the first time I saw it.. Then I realise that they just enjoy sitting on the parapet looking at the world go by... I wonder how many people notice the cat. Don't think I'll ever let my little rascals pop out of the window even if I stay on the 2nd storey. Mr leg by the door was sure staring at me as I took pictures of this cat. I think he thought I was taking pictures of him as he start giving me a dirty look.. Ooops..
Woo... its an egg...

And it belongs to Ah Sky...He sure is guiding it like his precious thing even when he's asleep.. Don't think he's really asleep though.. He just pretending to be sleeping.. Eyes are half close.. ever ready to snap at anyone who tries to steal his precious.. hmm sound familiar?

Oh look who's this?

Well, I name him Skippy.. He's the 1st friendly Punggolian cat I've seen so far.. Rest of the cat (not many only seen 2 so far) are so timid/shy they scatter away when I saw them.. He just walked up to him asking for a good rub on the head so I gave him some treats. Good thing he's been sterilized.. Think there must be a group of cat welfare team somewhere near this area.. Great job guys! Hope to be able to see Skippy more often..

Monday, October 27, 2008

Work disrupted..

Mummy has been hogging on to my favourite chair for the past few weeks. Don't know what she's doing but she's sure making a mess on the table. What's with the newspaper? Is she still looking out for our pictures? She simply refuse to move when I meowed relentlessly at her. So I waited one corner patiently and the moment I saw her standing up and walked out of the room...

I sat on it. Of course she doesn't too cool about it. She complained to Daddy how sneaky I was.. then she gave me a grumpy look...Me? I returned back the grumpy look as well.. protesting that my need is more important than hers.
Then not wasting any time, I act busy so she can't shoo me away haha..

Lala decided to find out what's keeping mummy so busy...

She decide to help relieve Mummy's workload by helping her to go through her notes and list out the important points.

Must enjoy my moment of victory as mummy had no choice but to push another chair to sit on.
However she realise that its difficulty to hold a pen or type in her notes using the keyboard

She decide to sit on the newspaper and wait for Mummy to come back and try to discuss with her.

Mummy seeing the both of us occupying the area, decide to call it a day and went out to watch TV...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We're on newspaper!!

Hey guess what, we're on yesterday's newspaper and a winner too! Mummy was so proud of us she generously open my favourite can food for dinner yummy! hehe.. Lala look kinda upset though.. as she is unhappy with mummy for choosing this photo of her looking so grumpy so un-glam she was complaining away..

Friday, September 26, 2008

Who's the super loafer?

Mummy and daddy sure know how to enjoy life... they got a sofa, bed and chairs and all we got is Sally the basket to sleep in.. kinda unfair right...
Leaving us no choice but to improvise their furniture to suit our needs...

Today, we make a pact not to argue with one another and to share our favourite spot in the house with one another...

hey stop pushing against my paw..
Sleeping on the sofa in the daytime is not a bad place though not the best. Have to be there 1st to grab the best spot.. place can be bit noisy with distraction from mummy or daddy.. lucky I know the tactic to block out these distractions.

This swivel chair is a good place to sleep in especially when its tuck underneath the table. I can sleep the afternoon away cause its dark and I know mummy can't find me (used to)

Another favourite spot on the sofa.. the hand rest! The width and length is just right for my body... okie i know my leg is dangling out.. hmmm just did that on purpose to show off my slender leg keke.

We may not always see eye to eye on lots of things, but we definitely share the same standard on choosing a sleeping spot.. So who reach here 1st ah?

As you all should know by now, the famous top of the fridge spot found by ME first.. Best spot in the house.. estimated time for Mummy to find me: 5mins, Daddy: 7mins haha not to mention watching them go round the house looking for me...

Let me tell you, a cleaned dried towel is the best backing to lie on.. Wooo... the crisp of the towel rubbing against my body is like a massage.. Hmmm... Mummy don't agree with me though...

You see, baby sister can be such a copycat sometimes... Lala simply loves hogging the place that I set my eye on.. Lucky this time IM not MOVING MY BUTT haha

Cushion + human sitting on it = Comfort. I quickly hogged on it once Mummy moves away from the spot.. See my formula is right.. I fell right asleep on it..

The smell of new sheet is intoxicating... Never fails to put me in deep sleep within mins..

Sometimes when Im in a good mood, I extent my generosity to LaLa.. letting her lean on me

Okie I confess.. I only do this when mummy or daddy is around...

Basin are best for hot weather!! its concave part simply mould onto the contour of my body and the cooling surface brings down my body temperature.. Perfect.. but note: Not to use when Mummy or Daddy is inside unless you're having a blocked nose..

Another way to share the spot when each simply refuse to leave, sleep on opposite ends

Mummy's bag is a good place to tuck myself in.. I love leaving traces of me inside her bag so she can be reminded of me when she's outside hehe...

When you want a spot really BADLY.. try striking this pose and look at them earnestly...

It may not work well on Orange...Oh please, cutesy pose won't work on me

But it sure work well on Daddy and look where it got me! A spot on the bed beside Daddy! See, Im just practising my "Nah nah ni bu bu..I got the bed and you don't" look to Orange!

Guess who?

Hehe.. Its me! The ultimate best spot.. the place they took the longest to find me! In the wardrobe beside the clothes quiet and cozy.. Not even Lala can disturb me..

So who's the super loafer? Lala or me? Most importantly what's the prize for the winner??

Monday, September 8, 2008

Green for a day

Few months ago, Somebody in the office gave Mr Lim a money plant. He decided to bring it home to beautify the bathroom which he always complain was too dull.

It was a pity he thought too lightly about the watering part and even declared that it doesn't need any watering. The plant would be able to absorb the water from the moisture of the bathroom so he says...

Few weeks later...

the money plant started to show its gratitude to the owner by transforming its leaf "gold" Seems like the money plant is not absorbing the moisture from the bathroom well as claimed by Mr Lim.

As days goes by, leaves began torn and tattered and I start to wonder why..
On closer inspection, leave seems to be chewed by someone... Giant caterpillar??
Why am I not surprise... The usual culprit ~Orange aka the caterpillar... Seems like he decided to go on a detox by chewing on some greens!
Busy choosing the best juiciest leaf to chew on, he doesn't even realise Im taking picture of him!

He ate till his heart's content only to end up looking at this...
Gosh, I think Im gonna puke...

Lala hiding from a safe spot watching Orange...

And his tummy start to protest this it what I found... Ya i know its gross especially when I zoom all the way at it... guess he even threw out some of his breakfast... And look at the piece of leaf.. I guess Orange doesn't practice chewing his food well before swallowing..

To prevent further tummy upset, I decided to hang the money plant outside the window where it can get the maximum sunlight and rain... Orange was disappointed of course... kept starring at the plant... So near yet so far away...