Saturday, January 22, 2011

Basking in the sun

It's a sunny saturday morning and Orange has the best spot to do some sun basking.

Gone are the ugly and dirty looking wire mesh after Mr Lim and I finally decided to spend a small fortune to install window grills on all the windows

By the way the width of the window grills are 2 and half inch apart as recommend by one of the blogger kootoomonster! Now no more fear of the little rascals falling out of window. It's definitely money well spent

Lala also doing her sun basking while checking out my bag.

Orange looked so contented cleaning himself... Hmph of course lah he has finished his daily routine of meowing after us to feed him and just finish his meal!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Yeah I can update my blog on my phone!

Yeah I finally figure out how to update my blog using my phone!! Yes I finally got myself an iPhone.. yaya I knw I did criticize iPhone 1 year ago but iPhone 4 is different cos it's camera is 5 megapixel! Hehe now I can update my blog after I taken a pic.

Did u all miss lala? It took her 4 months to get use to having my mum around the house. Now she's like last time relax n lazying around the house.

U know it makes me feel sad whenever fren come n tell me now I got xiao bu dian I dun want the little rascals anymore. That's not true!! Yes I do admit I spend lesser time with them but I still make it a point to sayang them whenever I have e time..

Well XBD is getting active day by day.. Diaper changing n bathing him is a challenge as I think of new ways to keep him still with toys. Yes it's tiring n I'm seriously deprive of social cum personal time. but I'm happy.. A different kinda happy I have never experience before..

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