Thursday, October 7, 2010

Three months on..

Xiao Bu Dian is almost five months old now and I have since return back to work. I am still religiously breastfeeding him day and night whenever possible... If anyone were to ask me what is my current hobby... U know the answer.. Yup.. BREASTFEEDING and EXPRESSING breast milk. Yes it is really hard work but like all mothers I'm gonna say something cliche.. When I look at him now.. I know its all worth it!!

Am thankful for colleagues who are understanding enough to allow me the time to do my "business" at work.. Hope I be able to make it to his sixth month after that can relax don't have to be so paranoid like now.. To Mr Lim thanks for being so understanding during these period of time I know u are trying to lighten my burden a lot of times.. We just have to tahan for another month more after that I promise I won't be so rigid about it okie!

Mum has been a great help since I started working. Glad we are able to come to a mutal agreement without comprising XBD's welfare so now able to focus on work better.

Lala has finally come to accept my mother's presence in our house. Yes it took her four months to get use to my mother and for her to roam about freely in the house when mother is around. No more hiding in the toilet cabinet haha

Orange the ever happy go lucky fellow has taken up his big brother role seriously.. he helps me watch over XBD when he's sleeping in the sarong... though it would be even better if he could help me rock the sarong haha..

Ah Sky on the other hand also accepted XBD as part of the family. He is resigned to the fact that he is no longer the centre attraction of the house.. well he still got the sweet side of him.. sitting near XBD on the bed Now that Im working, I treasure the free time I get to spent with him.. he seems to grow up so fast.. just realise today he's having difficulty fitting into the bumbo seat.. his fleshy thighs get stuck between the loop..

Yes if you realise there is no photo of Lala and XBD.. still haven't got the chance to catch her and XBD together.. She does comes up to sniff XBD but its so fast she scatter off quickly before I can take a shot of it.. I guess she slow to warm up to people like her mummy haha..

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A ME moment while Xiao Bu Dian's asleep!

Finally had a glimpse of time to update my thoughts on events that has been happening in the past 2 months..
Yes I am delighted to announce I had safely delivered my baby boy on 10th of may! Life hasn't been the same and am still struggling at times.. motherhood instinct comes slowly for me as Im not a baby/children person..

House no longer look the same as Xiao Bu Dian's stuff are scattered everywhere...Sometimes when bb has fallen asleep (finally!) and Mr Lim and I were watching TV in the living room, I suddenly forget that I am a mother like life was like 2 months ago...

Nowadays we no longer take our time to eat dinner together. we now have to take turn to eat dinner so other one is free to handle Xiao Bu Dian who demands constant attention.
Little rascals seem indifferent to presence of Xiao Bu Dian. No hissing or biting coming from them... They only been sniffing around Xiao Bu Dian's feet and head and tottered away.. Looks like Xiao Bu Dian is not of interest to them. They just give me the blank startled look whenever Xiao Bu Dian decides to practice his vocal cords.. as if telling me he's disturbing the peace in the house..
I think little rascals were more disturbed by intruders in the house who were around in the day time to help me with Xiao Bu Dian.. During the 1st month, poor little rascals had been hiding in the toilet cabinet not because of Xiao Bu Dian but because of the strangers in the house.. Lala hit record by been inside the whole day. Only to come out from hiding place after 7pm. Orange however just seems to want his moment of solitary hence hid there not out of fear.
Oops Xiao Bu Dian's stirring in his bed.. better go attend to him before he does the you know what...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

At my 9th month...

Im at the end of my 36th week which is my 9th month of pregnancy. Here's a picture of how huge my tummy look now.. I am walking more slowly nowadays. Its depressing to see my feet getting swollen like balloon that makes walking and wearing my work shoes difficult.

Trimming my toenails becomes a tricky task now. Since Mr Lim wasn't confident doing a pedicure for me, I had no choice but to spend $$ to have someone do the job for me.

To cheer myself up, I decided to have my nail toe painted and add a little more $$ to have nail art done as well.. too bad I didn't have a picture of my leg before they swell up otherwise you can really see the before and after look..

A closer look at my nail art..

2 months ago when my tummy wasn't this big. I had an unpleasant encounter with a female colleague.

Tactless She (TS): So how many months are you?

Me: About 7 months.

TS: So small!

Me: Thanks lor! (in a sarcastic tone)

TS: So how many months is XXX? (another pregnant colleague)

Me: Im not sure. maybe one or two months earlier than me? You go and ask her lah

TS: Oh no lah. cos her's seem bigger than yours.

Simply can't believe for someone who has the brain to study in a medical school and a female herself can say such tactless thing to a pregnant lady. I bet she must had converted her EQ storage space for IQ during her course of study.

I was unfortunate enough to have to endure another episode of her tactless conversation last week when TS saw me.

TS: Aiyoh you still walking around ah?

Me: Of course lah, Im working leh, then what you expect me to do? sit on wheelchair?

TS: How many months are you now?

Me: Almost 9 months.

TS: Is this your 1st pregnancy?

Me: Yes (Dying to get away)

TS: (in a sing-song tone) Aiyoh, then you wait long long ah (I presume she's implying that I should expect a long labour process since its my 1st pregnancy)

Irritated with her. I walked away to another area and to realise TS had also walked and continued her "heart-warming conversation" with me.

TS: So when are you due?

Me: Does it matter, anyway you already ask me to wait long long! (and I walked away after saying that)

I think I deserve a round of applause for saying that back at her. I hope she realise that she was really tactless. Thank goodness, she is not my friend hence I can't be bother with her comments. I only pity the patients who had to suffer under her tactless tongue.. I guess throughout the journey of every pregnant lady, they are bound to encounter such unpleasant moments. I have learnt to take it like a pinch of salt and ignore them.

Today is the last day of my leave (3 days only). Had planned for this mini leave so I could rest. Sad to say, these 3 days of rest didn't do any improvement to my bloated and aching feet. In fact they seems worse despite elevating them. Been sitting around and sleeping these 3 days thanks to the ever helpful Mr Lim! I wonder how Im gonna survive through my work tomorrow. Just praying that my leave will be able to bring forward so I can rest more.

Of course, despite my whining about the down side of my pregnancy. I am very glad that BB is doing well and kicking actively. Should be expecting BB anytime soon as I have a feeling he will decide to come out earlier than expected..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bobby broke his tail! (again!)

Bobby is my keychain cat. He was a gift from somebody long long time ago. I like it so much I was afraid of spoiling it and has been keeping it in a box for years until I forgot about its existence! I came to realise his existence while packing through my stuff. I decided to let Bobby out and happily put it on my pouch. The above picture was taken during one of his early happy days as my keychain pouch!
Within a month, Bobby met with an accident. As he has a really beautiful long straight tail (made of plastic) this made him highly susceptible to tail injury. His tail must have got broken in my bag. Luckily was able to find it and stick it back with superglue.
Ever since that 1st accident, I felt I must do something to protect Bobby from further damage but I still wanna hang him somewhere I could see him everyday. So I thought hey why not hang it with my nametag.. this way Bobby can follow me around when I work and it cheers my day to see him anyway.
Two days ago, Bobby fell down again.. okie it was the user's fault but I didn't do it on purpose. His tail broke again! for the second time...
The sad thing was when I tell some of my colleagues about it.. they laugh at poor Bobby including MR LIM...
Good thing Bobby is a good nature cat with not much temper.. he seems oblivious to the whole thing.. I hope he's not too traumatise by this whole thing.. cause he's got this daze look..
I kept the broken tail in a very safe place to make sure the paint won't get scrape off or the whole thing disappear as you know its so tiny..
You see, I can even compare it with Lala's tail to show you how tiny is it... Oops shouldn't be doing comparison like that.. might get Bobby upset..

Anyway I thought I'll settle this tiny problem with the use of superglue. I bought a new tube of superglue and tried to glue it back this afternoon.

I applied the superglue on the end of the tail and stick it back to Bobby

held it in position while blowing it to hasten the process of sticking..

only to realise the tail does not stick back to Bobby after I release my grip

I tried the process a few more times with the same result. I got frustrated and decided to apply some on my fingers and stick them together... no lah kidding not that silly. Anyway I applied some on a piece of paper and stick them together and guess what? It doesn't stick!

What kinda stupid glob of superglue is this! Can't even stick paper together! And to think the superglue packaging still have the cheek to caution user that it BONDS SKIN IN SECONDS! Well on the other hand maybe I only have myself to blame... for this stupid tube of superglue only cost me 80cents..

Well looks like Bobby will have to go through few more days without his tail for the time being until I buy a proper truly SUPERGLUE!

And no laughing at Bobby meanwhile...

Friday, April 9, 2010

"Long long" for Ah sky & little rascals

Thank you all for your encouraging comments. Its comforting to know that there are parents are there in Singapore who has successfully raise healthy baby in presence of cats in the house! In the midst of preparing for arrival of BB, I did not forget the little rascals and ah sky. Decided to buy something for them as well..

I bought this miniature cat keychain for Ah sky attached with a belt. It has the chinese character "寿" on the cat meaning long life. I purposely choose this for ah sky hoping that this will bring him a long life ahead of him.
Ah sky is so vain. He knows its for him and peek from the corner of the sofa (its new by the way) looking on as I adjust it onto his collar
I think he's seems quite happy with the additional add on on his collar. He immediately sit up straight for me to take a photo of him after I put the collar on him... anyway I think he look so handsome even though he dirtied his nose from frequent hideout under the bed...
I got a different reaction from the little rascals though...
First of all, I had a hard time placing the collar back on the little rascals esp Lala.. who thought we are gonna give her another bath.. as we usually remove it before bath..
I actually saw a miniature cat with the chinese character "避邪" on it.. wanted to buy it for Lala as I thought its really suitable for her... Seeing she's so scared and timid of everyone and everything (except Orange, Mr Lim and me) she definitely need some kind of amulet to protect her haha.. Too bad the miniature cat was in black color and you know Lala is mostly darkish black in color and if I put in on her, I wont be able to see the miniature cat..
In the end, I choose this dainty sweet miniature cat with pink blossom flower on it for her. I think its quite suitable for her character.. the demure princess quality in her..
Unlike Ah sky who has no issue with his additional add-on on the collar, this is likewise for Lala. Had to chase her around the house just to put the collar back for her. And after the collar was put on, she kept trying to bite it off as the miniature cat had add on a length followed by the bell.. Was unable to get her to stand/sit still to take a full picture of her with the new add on (like I did for Ah sky). In fact has been trying for past few days without success. Only manage to take the above picture without her face just this am..
Orange did not fare well either. Though did not encounter much difficulty with Orange, he seems nonchalant about his miniature cat. I choose this simple happy looking cat which I reminds me of his character.. Happy-go-lucky with not a care in the world.. doesn't let anything affect him and doesn't bear grudges for long... He's like my zen master... I must remind myself to be more like him nowadays.. Again was not able to take a nice photo of him with the new add on cause he's always thinking Im gonna give him a treat whenever I approach him with the camera god knows why..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Something new something exciting!

Things are about to change in the household in about 2 months time.. Lifestyle and priorites to change and new challanges to cope.. for the two legged as well as the little rascals.
Yup Im happy to announced that Mr Lim and I are gonna expect our 1st bundle of joy soon.. Hence Mr Lim has been faithfully taking over most of the household chores and bathing for little rascals..
Orange's gonna be a big brother soon Lala's gonna realise she has another rival to fight with for attention.. That's me taken in January with Ah sky lazying beside me.. Now at 7th month gonna be 8th months pregnant (next week) my tummy look much more bigger than this picture.
Not sure if the little rascals or Ah sky knows BB is growing inside me.. I would sometimes place their tail on my tummy hoping they will be able to feel BB movement like I do.. alas no response from them hmmm...
Concern friends had commented on the negative impact of having cats and BB in the same household. To all these kind people out there... I know BB are really fragile but hope you will understand my stand when I said I believe Mr Lim and I will practice the common sense and with my nature of profession I believe the little rascals and BB will be able to co-exist in the same environment.
Abandoning them or giving them away for the sake of BB has never come across my mind. The little rascals are as important as BB is to us. I'm sure there are other Singaporean who have raise a healthy BB with cats in the house.Mr Lim bought this tiger bun some time back.. He excitedly told me its for BB but it came with only one ear.. missing ear on the Lt side... I was quite sad about the missing ear though..
In fact, Im really looking forward to seeing interactions between BB and little rascals in time to come. BB will be surrounded with animals.. cause mother in law has a dog and Ah sky's at my mum's house. I sure hope BB will grow up to learn to respect all animals and of course love cats like I do..
With 2 more months of preparation, people asked me if Im ready.. Well Im not I guess I'll never be.. Having the little rascals around kinda give us a small preparation of having a BB. Little rascals will bang on our door and meow like crazy as early as 6am as early reminder that its nearing their feeding time. But I know having a BB is 10x more hectic than simply listening to cat's meow. Whatever it it, Mr Lim and I will take the days as it comes through trial and error as newbie parents..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

True blue Singaporean.. Sky

Haven't been updating about Ah sky for quite some time. He's seems to be doing okie can't say better as he still have down days where he's vomiting and lethargy.. but no matter what happen, we will always be there with him.

During his last visit to the vet eariler last month, his Crea level in the normal range. Vet said he can be taken off one of the medication and next review be due in 6 months time. Just crossing my fingers his kidneys will be able to cope with less aid from medications..

Anyway, I've got a video of Ah sky eating durian. Yes.. durian.. I always tell people how he loves durian but I guess nobody can imagine how crazy he is.. I guess he's the only cat in singapore that loves durian like a true blue singaporean..

Enjoy the video..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cupid strikes at the oddest place

Its Valentine's day and Cupid's arrow seems to strike on our Princess Lala.. hmm just who could the lucky guy that caught her sight..She's been seen hanging outside the room the past few days.. looking like she's guarding something.She's been like this ever since we bought a new vacuum cleaner. An all black and extra silence vacuum cleanerAnd she sure is shy and coy about it when she knows Im observing her. See.. she pretends to be checking up other stuffs and totally ignores the object of her desire...Unable to resist the temptation, she walked over and gently start getting acquaintance with her new friend..After deciding that Mr vacuum cleaner is not a threat, she settle down and starts sniffing it And finally settle herself closely beside her new friend and watch around to make sure no one else gets close to Mr vacuum cleaner. I wonder what attracts her to the Vacuum cleaner.. Could it be the all black shiny surface that Lala feel that it resembles her? Or could it be the big sturdy body gives Lala a sense of protection when sitting beside it?

Anyway I captured a video of Mr vacuum cleaner in action. I think its quite amusing.. The little rascals usually scuffle off at the sight of the old vacuum cleaner in action. Well, Orange still doesn't like the new Mr vacuum cleaner.. perhaps its a guy thing..
Lala on the other hand, surprisingly stayed where she was and simply watch her new friend in action.. in admiration

By the way, the video had been captured with my new HTC diamond 2 hp. Takes wee bit long to upload so be patient. Pictures were also taken with my new hp.. not bad lah rite?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How was my service?

Another super late entry again.. this entry is meant for the month of December. and Im almost 2 months late... Nowadays my energy lifespan is really short and and the computer seems to have a sedative effect on me everytime I tried to update the blog...
Anyway, my roller coaster ride has come to a smooth ride for the time being.. still on and off bumps in between but its better than the last four months..

In view of my impending status at the moment.. I am sort of handicapped to do lots of things.. one of them include bathing for the little rascals.. For the past two years I have always been the one bathing them
Last month, Mr Lim had to take over the baton from me at least for the next five more months..

Mr Lim was all ready to be the bad guy that day and as a rule of thumb start off with the troublesome one...
Lala getting nervous as she realised she's being trapped in the shower cubicle again... and of course I had to supervise the whole procedure to guide the green horn..
Lala's "Get me out of here!" look...

Hehe.. a clearer shot of her with better lighting... u can see the fear in her eyes...

Clinging on desperately onto the shower screen in her bid to escape

Lala giving me the look when she realise Im not there to "save" her after all..
A video of how Lala meows whenever she is being bathe..

Finally over... drying her up.

And now Orange's turn.

Big brother Orange always fare better than his counterpart. Being the gentleman he is.. he will only meow softly but tend to head butt onto you making you wet as well..

Hardworking Mr Lim washing his bottom while Orange patiently waits on..

Unfortunately, his patience is short span and he starts to climb up the shower screen like Lala

Orange giving me the despair look

Video of Orange bathing and his soft meow compared to Lala's

Desperately trying to run away dripping wet while Mr Lim struggled to dry him with the towel.

Of course, its always treat time after bathing time. You can see how excite our Orange is as usual when it comes to food and of course the ever sceptical Lala..
At the end of the day, How was Mr Lim's service?

We've got a clean satisfied cat licking her mouth away after the bathe and treat..

One busy cat looking for quiet spot to lick himself dry after his treat..And of course not to forget




3 cheers for the exhausted Mr Lim with the wet pants haha... And for the experience.... Priceless!