Sunday, June 29, 2008

Same thing different reaction

Few weeks ago, I saw a sleep in basket for pet selling at a bargain price in a shopping mall. cost only $10. I bought 2 of them without hesitation.. one for the little rascals to share another one for ah sky of course...

Few days later, I brought along the new bed for Ah sky when I went over to my mum's house.

Ah sky, as usual looking unexcitedly at us as we, the two legged fuss over his new bed and how me, the cheapo queen managed to get such a cheap deal...

We removed the bed from the plastic and lay it nicely for ah sky to test out his new bed.

Then we watched...

And we waited...

And this was his reaction. Sitting on his swivel chair with no intention to even move a inch off it to test out his new gift! Just staring at it..

Not even some tugging from mum manage to get Ah sky getting off the chair..

(okie sorry for lousy pic) He still refuse to get into the bed despite coaxing from us...

I thought to myself: Ah sky sure don't know how to enjoy life... My little rascals sure gonna fight over it... While my father nag away on how I waste money buying such things that cat don't appreciate..

The little rascals seems pretty curious about it.. they started sniffing around even before we peeled open the plastic

Orange also joining in the sniffing session once we open up packaging... Not a bed response.. definitely better than Ah sky..

But to my dismay... that was what they did for the next few days... sniffing around the perimeter of the new bed and not even stepping in to try out...

Just as I was feeling despair that I really wasted my money, my sister sent me an MMS..

Our Ah sky finally decided to give the new bed a try out and quietly slip in and settle himself comfortably.. according to my sister, he seems quite shy about it. He seems to get awkward if he was caught sitting in the new bed and quickly get out of it.. weird ah..

Our Ah sky in denial state: Who says I like it.. its not really that great actually..

Well, at least some cat finally appreciate it

While others appreciate it in other ways... Today found Orange sleeping into the bed... but on closer look its actually upside down! Somehow, he decided that its more comfy to sleep on the bottom of the bed and without the cushion that comes with it.

Oops did i see a small hole there...can you see it? Tsk tsk... I wonder how long this will last...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tyrant caught red-handed!

Here is our Orange idling on top of the fridge enjoying the lazy sunny afternoon.

He sure know how to pick the best spot.. he's enjoying the view from atop but not for long...

Sulking in one corner is our spoil brat Princess Lala silently watching Orange... She is not happy to see Orange having the best spot. Seeing the coast is clear she decided to strike while Orange is not aware

Schemingly Lala, sneakily climbed onto the fridge pretending to explore the side of the fridge. Our orange totally unaware of her true intention.. happily cleans his paw.
Once again she looks afar, as if to make sure no one is watching her.. before she commit her undesirable business.. All the while Orange still cleaning his paws...
She stooped forward as if trying to do some somersault...
On closer examination, our naughty Lala is actually biting Orange's tail!
Oops, she's about to loose her balance and fall...
But no.. she's actually trying to squeeze herself in Orange's space. By this time, our good-natured Orange got annoyed and tried to fight back.
But its too late, she continues to push and squeeze herself into his spot.

She finally got a spot but leaving poor Orange no choice but to sit further one corner.

Look at her smug look.. she's got the "yeah i got it" look written all over her face!
Just as you think she merely wanted to share the spot with Orange, Oh no you are wrong! She continue to use her hind leg to push Orange..
Poor Orange being the gentleman, gives up the spot.
She looks down at the cat below.. simply couldn't believe her luck.. hard work all paid off finally.. got what she wanted.. A perfect spot to spent the afternoon all by herself...
He looks up the cat on top. Simply couldn't believe how he actually got kicked down by a spot he found first.

Disgusted with such unsightly behaviour, he looks away to walk off looking for some comfort from the two legged.