Monday, February 9, 2009

Who's the Smarty?

So who's smarter when it comes to food? Orange or Lala? Orange the well-known to gobble up his food in less than a min or the Posh Lala who enjoy savouring her food slowly while watching out for the ever hungry Orange? We put them up to the test...

Test: A biscuit place in a spot they are not aware of. Test of their hunting skill

Winner: The one who sniffs out the biscuit first


Hmmm... Starting of video, seems like our ever hungry Orange is in the lead. Yup he smells something and is following where his nose is taking him. Oh he's so near to the biscuit and yet he's staring at the window and flicking his tail slowly?? Tsk tsk... After figuring out that the smell not coming from the window, he decided to turn Left instead to Right side where the biscuit is... what a waste... (disappointed "OOHH") Still he doesn't give up.. Our Orange is dead sure the biscuit is somewhere nearby and he decide to sit down and slowly analyse it... All the time sniffing and twitching his nose looking up down left right... Looks like Orange's strategy is to go slow and steady ah...

Oops... here comes Lala. She might be a tad slower than Orange but she caught up with him.. She gave the camera a good sniff to make sure biscuit is not hiding in Mummy's hand. Our Orange still looking cool and calm not at all threaten by Lala.. Who will find the biscuit??

Lala's strong sense of smell has led her straight to the spot! And she took less than 10 seconds to find it! Poor Orange could only look on helplessly as Lala munch on the biscuit. Hopeful Orange still went up to the spot to see if they still any biscuit...only to have the close up blissful look of Lala licking her mouth away.. Feeling defeated he walks away...

Later when asked how did Lala find the biscuit in such a short time here's what she said: "Oh you know me... I savour my food slowly and take the time to smell them unlike others who only gobble up their food..."