Saturday, September 24, 2011

Enjoying some Meow time without XBD

The little rascals are looking all relax and taking time to enjoy the time of the day without XBD in the house!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Show Me Some Love!

小钸点 is 16 mths old. My life is still like a roller-coaster as I struggle to catch up with his ever lasting energy span.

Gone were the days where the little rascals roam about the house freely. These days they retreat to my bedroom and stay under or rather on cover throughout the day only to come during the evening time when we were at home or they know it's safe...

Pathetic you might think.. How could I bear for the little Rascals to be coop up in the room the whole day..

Perhaps not.. Little rascals sure know how to enjoy life while staying undercover.. By sleeping on our bed the whole day!! Much to the (silent) protest of Mr Lim! 反对无效..

These days 小钸点 is starting to show me that he too can be nice to the little rascals.. at least in front of me.. No worries for those animals activist.. all cats are in no way harm.

Even Ah Sky is not spare at my mother's house.

Ah Sky seem to have a soft spot for kids though.. he patiently sits there for 小钸点 to practice showering him with love the correct way.. how much strength to use where to stroke..

Few days ago..

I think your nose is dirty..

Here let me help you like how mama help me... 小钸点 touching Ah Sky's nose carefully

Hmmm i wonder if my finger can fit into his nose...

Tired of using his finger to touch Ah Sky's nose.. 小钸点 decide to give him a nose to nose touch instead..

Ah Sky of course didn't appreciate it.. He walked away.. enough is enough for a cat to endure haha..

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Its a rainy day!

Bummer! It has been the rainy season and ah sky feels the chill in the air

Seems like it has been leaking raindrops in the house too.. Poor ah sky had to resort to hide underneath the umbrella

He decided to stay put and wait for e rain to stop

The rain doesn't seem to stop and soon ah sky got tired and start settling himself in a more comfy position

And then he doze off and fell asleep..

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Xiao bu dian's new buddy

XBD got a new buddy!! He's abt 70cm in height and has yellow strips with long limbs n kinked tail..

Meanwhile, XBD has been busy making his new buddy feels welcome by biting leaving his drool all over

Lucky Mr whiskers is machine washable haha

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Here's ah Sky making an attempt to be the zhao cai Mao with help from Mr Lim!

Ah sky wishes all feline friends n two-legged friends a very Prosperous and Happy Chinese New Year!! May the year of Rabbit bring wealth n peace to everyone

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Basking in the sun

It's a sunny saturday morning and Orange has the best spot to do some sun basking.

Gone are the ugly and dirty looking wire mesh after Mr Lim and I finally decided to spend a small fortune to install window grills on all the windows

By the way the width of the window grills are 2 and half inch apart as recommend by one of the blogger kootoomonster! Now no more fear of the little rascals falling out of window. It's definitely money well spent

Lala also doing her sun basking while checking out my bag.

Orange looked so contented cleaning himself... Hmph of course lah he has finished his daily routine of meowing after us to feed him and just finish his meal!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Yeah I can update my blog on my phone!

Yeah I finally figure out how to update my blog using my phone!! Yes I finally got myself an iPhone.. yaya I knw I did criticize iPhone 1 year ago but iPhone 4 is different cos it's camera is 5 megapixel! Hehe now I can update my blog after I taken a pic.

Did u all miss lala? It took her 4 months to get use to having my mum around the house. Now she's like last time relax n lazying around the house.

U know it makes me feel sad whenever fren come n tell me now I got xiao bu dian I dun want the little rascals anymore. That's not true!! Yes I do admit I spend lesser time with them but I still make it a point to sayang them whenever I have e time..

Well XBD is getting active day by day.. Diaper changing n bathing him is a challenge as I think of new ways to keep him still with toys. Yes it's tiring n I'm seriously deprive of social cum personal time. but I'm happy.. A different kinda happy I have never experience before..

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