Thursday, November 29, 2012

Condo fever

Something caught Lala's attention on the newspaper!


Live the dream of aspiring cats.. 
Located at a strategic spot and high enough to keep little itchy fingers off your radar.
Free maintenance of condo provided with penthouse Panoramic view of scenery.
Small closure for an exclusive all Do-Not-Disturb-Me time
Free all access mini activity gym to keep one's figure trim and fit

What are you waiting for? Make your dream a reality now!

Contact your trusty agent: minimeowme

To our provider,

I, Princess Lala wish to bring your attention to the above advertisement.

I am also speaking on behalf of Orange, I we demand (please!) a proper place to maintain my our sanity and uphold my our dignity as mini king of the jungle (respect for our ancestors) and away from the little two-legged.

This is a gentle reinforcement to remind You, our slave provider, that you have been chosen to uphold your responsibility to provide the best for Me us to ensure my our status does not get tarnish. Do not expect us to make-do with the current living condition for long.

We remind you we will appeal to stage a strike if the above demand (request) is not met.

Yours sincerely:
Lala (Orange too)

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