Thursday, November 8, 2012

Late entry: Enjoy while you can..

This entry was suppose to be published one month ago.. But there's some irritating bug on the blog app (after I upgrade to IOS 6) and somehow this posting got lost in cyberspace.. Manage to track it down..

Today's blog seems like a mix in between my mummy and the little rascals blog. Well I decided to post it in the little rascals since its Lala who makes me decide to write this post.

It's a lazy Sunday morning and I was just enjoying some playtime with JH while JX was taking his morning nap..

JH and I were playing in the "cave" (under the dressing table) and I was happen to focus on the window. Lala lying next to the window enjoying the morning and I suddenly felt nostalgic...

Enjoy the view and sunshine while you can Lala one week from now, the house will be gone..

I started to focus on what's outside the window.. I realized its been a awful long time since I gazed out of the bedroom window.. I used to love the bedroom window.. The greenery lush seems like a tropical jungle if I can minus the traffic sound coming from the expressway.

The little rascals will be having a change in environment one week from now. I sure hope they will be able to find new suntanning spot in my sister's house while waiting for new house to be ready..

I look forward to more butt kicking actions from the both of them fighting for new spots in my sister's house..

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