Monday, April 15, 2013


This was the cat condo I bought for the little rascals 3months ago and its a luxury 5 storey high cat condo sorry too lazy to take the final completed look.

As usual, our humble orange choose to sleep at the bottom most level most of the time..

Lala as usual living up to her air of elegance choose the highest spot and dozed off..

I was always feeling sorry for Orange and wondering why would he be contented with the ground level when there's so much space to explore up there..

I was delighted to finally catch Orange snuggled up inside the 3rd storey cat house one afternoon...

but as usual.. Lala just have to grab the top level

Oh well, so long they are using the cat condo and making it worth the money I spend on.. I guess I should leave them to sort out the territory spot..

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